Mandela Day – what children’s homes need most

Thusanani Children's Foundation manager Jo Bink talks about what and how to give for Mandela Day.


However, due to the vast choice of causes and charities to choose from, many people are unsure of where to start or which cause would make the most impact on those with the greatest needs.

Thusanani Children’s Foundation, a therapeutic and medical intervention service for vulnerable babies and children based in Johannesburg, surveyed 14 children’s homes in and around the Gauteng region in order to gain practical insight into their specific needs.

The foundation manager, Jo Binks said, “With Mandela Day approaching it is important for us to understand that although an activity such as painting a home or hosting a party for its children as a once-off is certainly a great experience for all involved, there are also ongoing, critical needs these homes have in order to continue providing places of safety for vulnerable children.”

Binks explained that understanding these needs can help ensure the homes are receiving appropriate donations and the assistance that will make a true and lasting impact on them. For example, many of the homes struggle to pay water and electricity bills, as well as school fees and related costs. Food and cash donations are always on the top of the list in terms of need.

The survey also found that administration and the educational needs of children, such as basic stationery and office equipment, warm clothing and underwear are also key. “Indeed, South Africans have stepped up to the charitable challenge and have shown themselves to be a nation of compassionate and caring individuals,” she said.

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Nokuthula Sonile

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