Near drowning incident, the City issues tips on how to survive the heat

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EMS spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi said, while no cases of heat stroke and heat exhaustion have been reported around the City, “The City is monitoring most of our municipal swimming pools and we have life guards there to assist in emergency situations. We encourage school children to visit these swimming pools instead of swimming in river streams or dams to avoid drowning incidents.”

Following a warning that most parts of the City will be very hot with temperatures as high as and over 37 degrees, EMS has shared tips on how best to survive the hot weather. “This current heat wave means that most of the Joburgers will be exposed to much hotter weather which can easily lead to heat exhaustion or even heat stroke,” said Mulaudzi.

He warned that due to the hot, dry and windy weather also presents the threat of veld fires and people are discouraged from dumping their burning cigarette butt’s in dry grass or leaving open fires unmonitored.

If you decide to cool of by swimming remember:

  •  Swimming pools should be covered with a safety net all the times while not in use to avoid children falling in
  •  Install a fence around a swimming pool, high enough to prevent children from climbing over it and it must always be locked if not in use
  •  Use your local municipal swimming pools which have life guards on site

The City suggests the following safety tips to survive the heat:

  •  Keep indoors, or under shades as much as possible; when going out wear sunscreen
  •  Keep cool by taking lots of fluids to avoid dehydration; wear light clothing
  •  Protect young children by wearing hats and sunscreen
  •  Stay away from direct sunlight especially between 11am and 3pm
  •  Cool your self in local municipal swimming pools with supervising life guards to avoid drowning incidents
  •  Don’t leave children or pets in parked locked vehicles
  •  Take frequent breaks if you are working outdoors
  •  Avoid alcoholic,caffeine or carbonated drinks

Details: Stay safe during this period of heat wave for any life threatening emergencies call 10177 from a Telkom landline or dial 112 on your cellphone.

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Nokuthula Sonile

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