Simple steps to braai hygienically and avoid food poisoning

Make sure the braai grid is cleaned before firing up the grill and cooking meat on it.


Letlape said while we love warm weather, handling raw meat safely in warm conditions is essential to prevent upset stomachs.

“Our laid-back approach to braai hygiene is a key contributor to the increase in summer cases of food poisoning, which in severe cases can lead to hospitalisation. Seasonal stomach upsets can be linked to poor hand, surface and utensil hygiene and also undercooked and raw meat,” said Letlape.

According to the statement, Dettol’s research shows that nearly 50 percent of people don’t wash their hands when preparing food and 75 percent of preparation surfaces in the home have more bacteria on them than a bin.

According to Letlape, “With bacteria such as E.coli and Campylobacter being present on raw meats and poultry, we need to be particularly careful to avoid cross-contamination. This can have a hazardous impact on health in a big way.”

Before firing up the grill this summer, wipe all surfaces and avoid using old dishcloths to clean them as new research reveals that nine out of 10 old dishcloths are heavily contaminated with bacteria such as E.coli. Make sure surfaces are hygienically clean and grease free by using an antibacterial surface spray that doesn’t leave a harsh chemical residue, and kills bacteria that could contaminate cooler boxes, garden tables and other surrounding braai surfaces.

Almost half of frequently touched items and surfaces are contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria, so make sure guests wash their hands when handling food or before eating. Use antibacterial hand wash and clean running water. If there is no access to running water, use wipes or waterless hand sanitizer.

Studies have found that E.coli can survive for over 28 days on stainless steel surfaces such as cooking utensils, so keep utensils thoroughly clean. Use separate tongs, cutlery and utensils when handling cooked and uncooked meat to prevent cross-contamination.



Nokuthula Sonile

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