Never argue with a police officer, urges JMPD

Do not argue with a Metro police officer over fines, says Metro police spokesperson, Superintendent Wayne Minnaar.


This advice was given after a woman from Midrand was issued a fine for, allegedly, not wearing a seat belt. The motorist, whose name has been withheld, said she was pulled over by a Metro police officer while turning off the N1 Allandale off-ramp and onto Old Pretoria Road. She explained how a female officer then asked for her driver’s licence and allegedly accused the motorist of talking on a cellphone while driving. The woman then showed the officer her cellphone which showed no recent activity.

She stated, “The officer asked for my other cellphone, and I said I do not have another. Next she walked around to look at my licence disc, then returned and accused me of not wearing a seat belt yet, I had been wearing a seat belt.”

She says the officer then wrote a fine and the motorist accused the officer of wanting a bribe. When the officer asked for the motorist’s physical address she refused to give it as she ‘could not trust the officer anymore’. The Metro police officer went ahead and wrote on the fine that the motorist refused to give her physical address and phone number. “I protested and the officer said I could take my complaint to the police station, knowing full well that this was not the correct process. The officer was rude and dismissive,” said the motorist.

After an alleged run around trying to dispute the fine from Midrand Court using the Administrative Adjudication of Traffic Offences Act, and to the Metro police offices at the fire station in Midrand, she reached a dead end.

Metro Police spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said motorists must never argue with a Metro police officer. “Always take the fine and apply for the fine to be cancelled afterwards as there is a process that one can follow in person or online for the cancellation of a traffic fine. If any Metro police officer misbehaves in any way, then such officer can be reported to Johannesburg Metro Police Department Internal Affairs Unit, so allegations against the officer can be investigated.”

Details: To report misconduct by a Metro police officer contact JMPD Internal Affairs Unit on 011 490 1797 or e-mail director Sam Sethagu [email protected]

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Nokuthula Sonile

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