UPDATE: JMPD – “It’s illegal to drive a car without a license plate” (VIDEO)

A screen grab from the video.

UPDATE: 15 March 2016, 3pm – Edna Mamonyane, spokesperson for Gauteng’s Metro Police, has weighed in on the video that has been doing the rounds on social media in which metro police are being accused of assaulting a man near Waterfall’s Mall of Africa.

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In the video two metro police are seen arguing with a man. Although the audio is not clear, the men and the female police officer are heard arguing over what actually happened.

The men claims that they [the officers] attacked him and are in fact stealing his car. He then said the car is new and therefore it doesn’t have number plates. It is not clear whether the man had a temporary permit or not. However, he repeatedly said, “It is in the car.”

Mamonyane, said it was important for motorists to know that a temporary permit needs to be clearly displayed on the car. “It is illegal to drive a car without a license plate. In special cases such as when a car is new or it has undergone repairs, a temporary permit can be issued at testing station,” she said.

Carmen Bell, posted the video on her account said the metro police assaulted the man by punching and kicking him.
On the subject of the officers and their alleged conduct, Mamonyane said,”If they were arresting him, they would have had to take his car, it is not theft. They are simply taking it in so that he can be driven to the station in a patrol car,” she said.

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“It is advisable for the [victim] to go to internal affairs at [Metro police] headquarters at corner Village Main Road and Loveday Street in Johannesburg, to lay a complaint,” said Mamonyane. She said, they would not be able to act on the video without the man in the video coming forward and laying a complaint. “It would be hearsay,” she said.

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INITIAL REPORT: 15 March 2016, 2pm – A video on Facebook emerged earlier today of JMPD officers allegedly assaulting a motorist for driving without license plates.

A woman uploaded the video to Facebook and posted the following message along with the video:

“UNACCEPTABLE CONDUCT BY JMPD. So this Video was taken this morning at the entrance to the Mall of Africa. As I rummaged through my bag to get my phone out, these JMPD members had already punched, pushed and kicked this person to the floor and the tall metro cop was hitting and kicking him on the ground. From the video you see how they physically assaulted this person after he refused to be arrested for not having number plates (not sure what the law states regarding whether driving without number plates is a criminal offence or just warrants a fine?). Either way, the tall officer then threatens this person and proceeds to “steal” his vehicle and drives off only to return when the other officers warn him that I am videoing. The female officer also wanted me to stop recording but I duly explained that it is my legal right to video an assault on a member of public. I gave my card to this gentleman so not sure of his name but this completely unacceptable. The tall officer was blatant in his physical abuse and he is a shining example of the power trip that members of JMPD are on. It was disgusting and so scary to watch!”

Watch the video below:

Further details on this matter remain unclear at the moment, updates to follow.

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