CONTROVERSIAL POST: “I’d go rape every Indian woman I see”

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He answered the question, ‘If any crime was legal for 12 hours, what would you do?’ by stating that he would “… go and rape every Indian woman I see. Then after 12 hours I’ll hit them up with a message like ‘Last night was fun, we should do it again sometime’.”

Darryn Wilken, who works for Just Letting Midrand, re-branded to Just Property, told Midrand Reporter that he would like to apologise to everyone who has been hurt by the post that was circulated on Facebook. He stated, “I deeply regret my actions of months ago.”

Wilken explained, that in a group on Facebook called Dark Humour, “… where people post sometimes socially unacceptable funny pictures, where people are able to post whatever they think is funny knowing that other people in the group are like-minded and no one is offended… I posted the comment four months ago and shortly after deleted it because of how inappropriate it was.”

According to Wilken, the comment was leaked out of the group allegedly by an ex-girlfriend who was upset that the relationship had ended. “Anyone that knows me knows that the majority of my friends and girlfriends are Indian and I never intentionally do anything to offend them,” added Wilken.

Residents, on the People of Midrand Facebook page, who saw his post, have expressed shock at the man’s views.

A screen grab of the comment posted on Facebook by Darryn Wilken about raping Indian women.

A screen grab of the comment posted on Facebook by Darryn Wilken about raping Indian women.

Just Property Midrand general manager Brian van Wijk said the company commented on Facebook the moment the issue came to their attention. “In respect of the Facebook post, we, an independently owned and operated franchise of Just Property, find the comments made by Wilken reprehensible and unacceptable. He did this in his own capacity on his own Facebook account without our knowledge.”

Van Wijk stressed that Just Property Midrand is, “… one of the most diverse of all property companies in Midrand and thus never promotes or indulges such behaviour or comment. We are treating this matter with urgency, but in following fair labour practice, we are yet to hold a disciplinary enquiry.”

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