You party, WeDrive – the safest way home after a night out!

Driving under the influence continues to be one of the biggest threats to road safety in South Africa. Last year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) released the Global Status report on Road Safety for 2015 which stated that 58 per cent of deaths are alcohol related.

During long weekends, and holiday times in general, road fatalities spike as many road users let loose and enjoy their break. The statistics from the WHO is a clear indication that despite the consequences of drinking and driving, there are many drivers who overlook this.

So if you decide that you want to have a drink or two at a social gathering and you are the designated driver, how do you know when you’ve reached your limit?

How much is too much?

For many drivers, the big question is always “how much is too much?” or “How much will put me over the limit?” Ultimately there are many factors involved and therefore we are all affected differently, it is very difficult to estimate exactly how much is too much for each person.

 Sometimes it’s just not worth the risk to drink and drive – there are safer options.

Options such as  WeDrive, a ‘take me home’ service offered by MiWay where you can have all the fun without the drawback and best of all, you get to be driven home safely in the comfort of your own car after all the festivities.

Here’s how WeDrive works:

  • Make a booking – whether it’s 2 weeks or 2 hours before you need it, you can book a WeDrive trip by calling 08600 767 64 or via the MiWay App.
  • Two drivers are dispatched to your location at the agreed time and you will be notified when they arrive.
  • One of the drivers drives you home safely in the comfort of your own car.
  • Bookings/calls for collection must be made before 01h00.The earliest pick up will be done at 05h30 with the last being at 03h00.
  • Peak time collections require a booking of at least 48 hours in advance – weekends, public holidays (the night before and on the day) and, in some instances, major public events that happen within the covered areas.

Let’s face it, we love having fun (and sometimes things can get out of hand) but responsibility and safety come first. Drinking and driving is a punishable criminal offence and it only takes one point over the limit to seal your fate. Don’t drink and drive – it’s not worth the risk of six years in prison. Check your car insurance policy to see if you qualify for this free service, or contact MiWay to get in on the safe way to party.

Be sure to check out the “Your Car” section on the MiWay blog for up-to-date news, tips and hints on car insurance and for your vehicle.

Welisa Nene

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