J’Something becomes Judge’Something


Platinum award-winning singer and songwriter, restaurateur and acclaimed food enthusiast J’Something will be one of the two judges on the new cooking reality show My Kitchen Rules South Africa.

Based on the popular Australian format, My Kitchen Rules South Africa will showcase a diverse range of local foodie pairs who will have to cook and entertain in order to go all the way to the final and win some fabulous prizes.

It will be up to J’Something and his fellow judge to navigate some choppy waters as 12 pairs of passionate South Africans put their reputations and their dining rooms on the line to wow them with their flair for food.

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In a contest of sheer nerve, grit, determination and a whole lot of confidence, the teams of home cooks will have to serve up the hottest dishes in their homes on one pressure cooker night.

Drama and tension will boil up; laughter and tears may erupt, and the timer will tick without mercy. With a big cash prize on offer, the knives are truly out. The judges, as well as the final contestants, will ultimately determine who stays and who gets the chop throughout the series.

“We are honoured that J’Something agreed to step into the role of judge on My Kitchen Rules SA,” said M-Net’s head of publicity, Lani Lombard.

“He embodies a home cook who was so passionate about food that he turned it into a career for himself. Not only will he be able to relate to the pairs of contestants on the show, but given his vast experience in front of the cameras as well as in countless kitchens around South Africa, he will be right at home at the dinner tables of My Kitchen Rules SA.”

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J’Something explained, “After being approached to appear on a variety of different television shows as a host, I have finally found a series that speaks to my heart and who I am – a show about home cooks. That’s ultimately who I am too, a home cook.

“I am looking for South Africans who take home cooking and give it a big helping of finesse. People who are passionate about food and people that can simply put love on a plate.”

My Kitchen Rules South Africa promises to serve up all kinds of drama and delectable dishes in some serious pressure-cooker settings around South Africa.

Racine Edwardes

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