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Social media has become game changers in business and has created a new set of jobs that may just be perfect for you.

It is everywhere and therefore unavoidable, but when you embrace this digital platform, there’s not limits to what you can do.

We’ve all seen the beautiful images of perfection on Instagram and Facebook, but little did South Africans know (until recently) that there are a number of perks that come with posting on social media that now make it a ‘job’ or a pastime that can earn you a great amount of money.

Did you know that if your Instagram account, Facebook page or Twitter account gains a massive number of followers, companies will often pay you to post advertisements on your page so that they can reach the people who love you – people who may not have previously been aware of their product.

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Trend specialist, Dion Chang explained, “They were the first industries to understand the visual language. They started bartering off people with a lot of followers, so if you have more than 100 000 followers you could get a free room [provided that you post pictures of the hotel and its amenities on Instagram or other platforms].” Traveling and staying out for free in return for a few posts – yes please!

Youtube offers its users a way to monetise their love for video. Michael West, online gamer explained, “If you get more than a certain number of views or followers on Youtube, they pay you – in dollars.”

In addition, Chang divulged that Youtube would soon create their own content; making it almost like an interactive TV channel and employing people to do so.

Monetise your social media presence today.

Edited by Stacey Woensdregt

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