ANC calls for Mashaba to step down

Sharon Peetz is removed as the MMC for Economic Development by Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba.


A second member of the mayoral committee has been removed by Joburg’s Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba this year.

Sharon Peetz, from the DA, was removed as MMC for Economic Development on 2 August, Mashaba said, on grounds of suspected misconduct.


Peetz was cleared of allegations of misusing her power for personal gain in April. The African National Congress (ANC) Joburg spokesperson, Jolidee Matongo, previously claimed that evidence was provided to Mashaba about Peetz allegedly using her power to get free international travel for a relative.

But the matter has come under the spotlight again.

This time, the mayor said that new evidence might prove that the councillor is not so innocent. Mashaba said the documents Peetz previously gave to him to prove that the City did not pay for her relative’s travel costs were allegedly falsified.

Further forensic investigation has been undertaken, he said.

“Through her actions, it is my belief that [Peetz] has misled myself, the Council and the residents of Johannesburg,” he said.

But the ANC is not convinced. Matongo said the party believes the mayor should be removed as well. He claimed that the mayor had instructed Peetz to repay the travel costs to lay the matter to rest. Matongo alleges that Mashaba only took the decision to fire her because he was about to be exposed.

“We call on the mayor to also step down as he was part of a cover up mission to protect councillor Peetz.”

Peetz, Mashaba said, will now be referred to her party for consideration of further disciplinary processes to determine her guilt.


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