6 Questions part 1: South Africans talk about their experience of Berlin

Art exchange between countries can be an amazing way to share experiences. South African performance artist/educator Kieron Jina understands this very well and has been engaging with the Berlin art and theatre scene for a few years now. He shares his unique experiences of Berlin, Germany.

1. What has been your living or working experience of Berlin?

The longest I’ve lived in Berlin was two months for a performance residency and creation of a collaborative cross-continental performance show. I have however been to Berlin twice a year for the past five years and continue to do so because of work.

2. Why Berlin?

Berlin is an international cultural melting pot and a space that is constantly changing. Berlin and it’s people look at its history as a learning opportunity for equality and transformation.

3. What do you love most about the city?

Accessible modes of transportation, arts and queer culture, museums, a variety of choice in terms of nightlife, architecture of the older buildings and cost effective spaces to live in.

4. What do you dislike most about the city?

The pace of the city sometimes leaves me feeling anxious if I don’t take breaks or rest between traveling. Some citizens also tend to be dismissive and racist towards North Africans. The quality of the food at some restaurants sometimes leaves me disappointed.

5. What do you miss most about South Africa when traveling?

I miss people speaking African languages, shisa nyama, African fabrics, landscapes and generally the raw energy that comes from the African continent.

6. What are some of your recommendations for SA visitors to Berlin?

The entire city offers so much – just jump on a bike, be friendly and Berlin will show you its special spots and fabulous people. Be open minded because there is a lot to encounter.

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