City of Joburg Skills Audit ‘in full steam’

The City of Johannesburg‘s internal skills audit, which started with first and second level employees, is continuing to third and fourth level employees.

Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba said the audit, which was announced shortly after his appointment in 2016, saw a 98 per cent participation rate last year.

In March this year, the audit was rolled out to 639 employees on level three and four, but only 552 participated in various psychometric assessments in order to gauge their talent levels, Mashaba said.

“City Employees on Level 2, 3 and 4 are expected to be on Level 3, 4 and 5 of the CPP (Cognitive Process Profile) scale but the outcome of the audit found them operating below Level 3, which means they are more operational than strategic.

“A professional public service is the backdrop on which to build a capable state. However, this desire for a professional public service will be a pipe dream if there is no focus on skills development, up-skilling and placement of employees in jobs for which they are qualified and suited.”

Mashaba also said that despite initial anxiety and cynicism by employees and a late start due to operational issues, the City achieved an 86 per cent participation rate this year. This is still far from the 100 per cent target.

“I urge all managers to take action against any employees who refused to take part in the skills audit.

Consequence management must be applied to those officials.”

The mayor said that if any skills gaps are found, this will be put into employees’ developmental plans and training will be provided. “As we are building onto the success of the previous skills audit levels two, three and four, we are also now in the process of appointing a service provider to roll out audits on all level five and six employees.”

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