DA Gauteng premier candidate Msimanga wants migration laws stiffened


There is no country or city that can ever prosper if it focuses only on itself, even great nations were built on the backs of people who are not necessarily coming from their particular area.

This according to the Democratic Alliance (DA) Gauteng premier candidate, Solly Msimanga, who visited the MTN Taxi Rank in the City of Johannesburg on 11 September.

Msimanga, also a mayor of the City of Tshwane, is currently on a campaign trail ahead of next year’s elections, and he has been visiting a number of areas in the City including in Alexandra.

When asked about the influx of foreign nationals in the Johannesburg region, Msimanga said there is a need for proper documentation of people coming into South Africa in order to deal with the situation in Johannesburg.

Democratic Alliance Gauteng premier candidate, Solly Msimanga speaks to a taxi driver about their conditions in the City of Johannesburg during his campaign ahead of next year’s general elections. Photo: Thabo Jobo

He said the country needs to focus on ensuring that migrants are properly documented in terms of who they are, what they are doing here and most importantly, that they adhere to the laws of the country.

“This is because we have seen, in some instances, people coming and opening shops just about anywhere with asylum-seeking documents but ones they are here, they start operating businesses.

“Those are the things that we should be looking at from the national level and saying, what are the rules of governing everyone who is in our country, especially those coming as refugees.”

The premier candidate said there is a need for deeper conversation at a national level in terms of control and enforcing stricter laws at the country’s borders.

Msimanga added that it is important to gain information about ‘to those who are already here’. “We need to know who they are, have control of their movement, and also, know why they are even in our country exactly.

“Those are indeed the things that as government and the people of South Africa, we need to be looking at from the national to the provincial level so that we can start to craft laws that begin to talk very seriously with the problems that we’re currently sitting with in our municipalities.”

Solly Msimanga takes a taxi from Johannesburg to Ivory Park as part of his 2019 election campaign as a Gauteng premier. Photo: Thabo Jobo

Msimanga also took time to engage taxi drivers, informal traders as well as commuters to understand their daily frustrations in terms of service delivery concerns.

He then boarded a taxi to Ivory Park in the Midrand area to further engage communities there with their problems.

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