Ladies – spoil yourself…you deserve it

5 useful apps that women should have

With the way technology is taking over our daily lives, there is an app for almost anything now. These are some of the best apps for women to have.


Clue – Since its inception, Clue has attracted a lot of customers. Ideally, the app is aimed at women trying to get pregnant, however, it is not just limited to that as it also comes handy with its basic period tracker. The app is able to forecast when your period will arrive, send a reminder for when you are about to ovulate and also tracks your premenstrual symptoms.

Circle of 6 – Known by many as the ‘rape whistle app’, Circle of 6 enables users to choose six of their own friends of family members to include in their circle in case of emergencies. By clicking the pin icon on the app, the app immediately gives your location to all six people in your circle and also sends a text that says, “Come and get me. I need help getting home safely.”
The app can also come to your rescue if you find yourself in awkward first-dates or conversations. With just one click you can send a text to your circle that says, “Call and pretend you need me. I need an interruption.”

Spotify – Although not restricted to just women, this music app is a must-have for for any music lover. Being the only major competition to Apple Music, Spotify gives you access to an endless collection of music from all over the world for you to enjoy. You can also create your own personalised playlist for your daily workouts and you can also share your playlists with your friends.Hip-hop, metal, country, funk, pop, classical music, R&B, jazz, indie/alternative, blues, Latino, rock, reggae or electronic music – there is more than enough to choose from.

Flipboard – For anyone who does not have time to scroll through countless articles online just to find what they are interested in. This app allows you to personalise your preferences when it comes to news and other media content online. You have the power to choose which topics interest you the most and then the app makes sure that you see the best articles regarding your interests.

myPill – The exact opposite of Clue, this app aims to remind women when to take their birth control pill. If you are worried that you will be in an area with no WiFi for a few days, no need to worry as these notifications are pushed through regardless of connectivity to WiFi. The app also keeps track of how many pills you have used by monitoring your sex patterns and as well as how many pills you have left. Even though the name suggests that the app only focuses on pills, it also works for ring and patch birth control.

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